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Update on my book:

In the last month I have written quite a few pages. I have decided to write in short spurts of time instead of trying to schedule time to write. I find this works better for me. I also have found someone to print my book and someone to edit it. I am getting excited but still have a long way to go!

Caution: It has come to my knowledge that there are people who are teaching classes that shouldn't be. I have been told by many people about how disappointed they are from classes that they have taken. If you want to get into a class then you need to check it out first. Ask them if they made the sample. Do they teach left-handed people? Ask them how long they have been teaching? How did they learn? How many students are in the class? Personally I only take 8, 9 max in a 3 1/2 hour class. Ask them for references. Be warned there are people who are taking advantage of others. However there are many excellent teachers.

What I would suggest is that you purchase my DVD and if you have any questions call me and I will help you. You can play it over and over again until you get it, if you cannot find a qualified teacher to teach you.

Love in Christ,